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Beechwood Shaving Brush


Handmade in Germany from sustainable beechwood, this shaving brush is perfect for those who wet shave.

How to Use

  • Soak the shaving brush in warm water for 30 seconds (this helps to soften the bristles)
  • Squeeze the excess water from the brush before using on shaving soap, too much water will prevent a good lather.  
  • To load the brush, gently swirl the brush on the shaving soap for a minute or two, or until you see a lather starting to form.
  • To get an even spread onto the bristles, alternate the motion clockwise/anti-clockwise on the soap.
  • Wet your face before lathering with the shaving brush.
  • Use the brush to apply the lather, working back and forth or in a circular motion.
What we Love

Sustainably sourced


Plastic Free

 **Note, the bristles are from animal origin so not suitable for vegans.