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Bathroom Cleaner with De-scaler (Pomegranate) Refill Pod - Ocean Saver


Looking to make your cleaning routine lower waste and free from single use plastic?  Ocean Saver have created these eco-friendly, zero-waste cleaner refills that are made from vegan and plant-based ingredients.

Due to the lightweight nature of the pods they are easy to transport, contains 90% less water than the alternatives you may find in the supermarket which means fewer trucks on the road, helping to reduce carbon emissions.

A pomegranate bathroom spray that will dissolve soap scum and cut through tough stains, dirt and limescale. 

How to Use

The refill pods create 750ml of cleaning product - just add one pod to warm water, shake well and you are ready to go.

You can use any bottle you have at home, just ensure it has been cleaned thoroughly before use.  We also stock Ocean Saver's Bottle for Life, which is fully recyclable.

What we Love






Palm oil free

Cruelty free

Paraben free

Reduced carbon emissions (reduced transport impact)

The pods have been made from PVOH which biodegrades in water into natural molecules of carbon dioxide and water. There’s a whole range of different cleaners on offer so you’ll definitely find something to suit your every need.


>30% Non-ionic Surfactants. Phenoxyethanol. Perfumes. Linalool. Limonene. Eugenol.