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Bee Sponsorship

A sponsored bee with every order with Plan Bee

When I started Astris and Green in June 2020, it was always my intention to give back in some way, and after bouncing a few ideas around, and asking for customer opinion, Bee sponsorship is the route I decided to take as my first supported cause (I will review this on a 6 month cycle).

Bees are an essential part of the eco-system, and with the ever-decreasing natural habitat, they need support to survive as their numbers are decreasing at an alarming rate, with 8 species of bees, including 2 bumblebee species, being put on the endangered species list in 2020.

Why Plan Bee?

Plan Bee Ltd are a Scottish company whose purpose is to work with individuals, communities, businesses of all sizes, schools and universities to help them help bees.

By setting up and managing hives, and the environment in which they are placed, Plan Bee are working to help protect the declining bee population in Great Britain by engaging with large businesses, schools and individuals to promote the plight of Bees.

Established 9 years ago by a group of biodiversity champions who wanted to do more to protect the species of Bees in the UK, Plan Bee work with a network of Bee Keepers around Great Britain, give bee keeping lessons to those who invest in hives, and work with schools to encourage the next generation to have a passion for biodiversity.

The PlanBee ‘adopt a bee’ scheme gives everyone the opportunity to support the bee population.  The money is used to fund the care of Queens, Workers and Drones all year round.

Bees are susceptible to disease, cold weather and damp, so it is important that they are cared for so they can thrive.

Astris and Green Commitment

For every order over £10 from January 1st 2021 Astris and Green, a bee will be sponsored through this scheme, helping to support Plan Bee Ltd with their great work.

If you would like to adopt a bee directly with Plan Bee, please visit their website  https://planbeeltd.com/adopt-a-bee/  where you can choose to adopt a drone, worker or queen bee – you can name it and will get a certificate for the adoption (a great gift for any nature enthusiast)