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Positive Energy Scented Candle - 160g

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loveumoreglow hand poured candles are aromatherapeutic, made with soy wax, cotton wicks and pure essential oils.

Each 160g candle will burn for approximately 40 hours, and come in a handy cotton bag which can be re-used.

The Positive Energy scented candle is an inspiring blend of Ylang Ylang - Rose - Vanilla flowers, the perfect gift for a loved one (or to spoil yourself)


What we Love

100% plastic free


Handmade in the UK


Soy wax, Rosa Damasca (Rose) essential oil, cananaga odorata (ylang ylang) essential oil, jasminum grandiflorum (jasmine) essential oil, vanilla planifolia (vanilla) essential oil

Note:  candles should never be left unattended while lit, should be placed on a fire resistant even surface and should burn for a maximum of 4 hours at one time.