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Top Swaps - Re-usables - Astris and Green

Top Swaps - Re-usables

One of the best ways to reduce waste and move towards plastic free changes is to find re-usable products, and finding ones that you love is really important – if you don’t get on with them, there is a risk it becomes single use.

Here are my five favourite re-usable products, some of which I cannot imagine going without.

Facial Wipes/Rounds 

I have been using the same 14 wipes for 5 years now, they are a bit stained with make-up (I didn’t rinse after use when I first started using them), but they still work well.  The ones I use are hemp, but there are cotton, bamboo and hemp options available.  If you use cotton pads daily – this swap is 365 single use items removed in one year, not including the plastic disposable cotton pads are packaged in.

Un-scourers and Un-sponges

No more yellow and green scourers!  As well as being far more pleasing on the eyes, un-scourers and un-sponges are one of my favourite swaps.  I stocked up when I first purchased these and bought 8 un-scourers in 2019.  I still have 2 un-scourers that are untouched as they have lasted such a long time.

I rotate two at a time, so there is one in the wash and one in use.  As I also like to get most out of everything before it is disposed of, when the scourer side is worn thin, I use the fabric side for drying surfaces to get a nice shine when cleaning the bathroom.

Sisal Soap Pouch

I admit, I am a bit of a Sisal Soap Pouch fanatic.  It is my unsung hero of the zero waste journey.

Small bits of soap?  Pop them in the pouch

Like a lather when washing? Wash with soap in the pouch.

Struggling to put your soap somewhere to dry in the shower? Store it in the pouch.

Like to gently exfoliate your skin? Use a sisal pouch.

Broken shampoo bar?  Put the bar in the pouch…..

And they are washable, compostable and last for what seems like forever!  Tick, tick, tick!

Existing Cleaning Spray Bottles

This gets a mention as I think this is an important one…. If you have something that already does a job, it hides it a cupboard and already says ‘Kitchen’ or ‘Bathroom’ Cleaner – use it.  While I love the look of amber glass bottles, if you have plastic ones that are functioning perfectly well, then it is a great idea to wash and re-use them.  And if one breaks, ask a friend to keep one (maybe trade it for a refill pod so they can try it them too 😊) 

A Good Quality Re-Usable Water Bottle

If you are looking to stop buying drinks in single use plastic bottles and are thinking about investing in a re-suable bottle, I would stress the importance of good quality.  There are hundreds of different bottles available, but if it falls apart, or breaks easily, while you may get some use out of it, it will likely end up in landfill sooner than you had hoped.

Also, consider the material it is made from.  While re-usable plastic may be a better choice than single use plastic, at the end of it’s life it will still be plastic, likely to be unrecyclable too – stainless steel is my favourite choice, and there are so many good ones available to choose from.

I’ve been using One Green Bottle’s Stainless steel bottles with a straw lid for years.  I have 2 sizes, a 1 litre and a 330ml.  They have been dropped, kicked, dented several times over but have held up incredibly well – I cannot recommend them highly enough.  Last year, I was given a Sho bottle with a screw cap and I love it!  I didn’t think I would, be for exercising in particular, the Sho is my go to.

I hope you have found this useful.  I would love to know what your ‘must have’ re-usable products are.

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