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Eco Conscious Bathroom Swaps - AlterEko

Eco Conscious Bathroom Swaps

I have mentioned on the 'About Us' section that I have started Astris and Green  following the same path I started my own eco conscious journey, these are some musings, experiences and tips from the changes I made.

It wasn't insta perfect, and I had high and lows. Having got myself in a tizz about not being zero waste, I have had to learn to accept that zero waste is almost impossible - but, and this is a big but - reduction of waste is actually quite easy when it comes to personal care.

I found it hugely overwhelming when I started out, trying to tick all boxes for all products - was the shampoo bar I bought made from natural ingredients?  Was the label made from recycled paper?  And on it went.  To overcome this I thought about each item I replaced individually, for example, I used to use bottle shower gel and I replaced with soap bars.  That swap alone meant I was buying, on average, 17 bottles of shower gel a year, 170 bottles in 10 years.  A simple change made me feel like I was making a big difference and it kept me going.

Here are some tips based on my own experience

1.  Start small and add up....  as with the shower gel vs soap example above.  It was an incredibly simple change to make.  Consider your use over time, add it up and enjoy the difference your change will make.

2.  Use what you already have.  I failed on this one to begin with, and I wont deny it.  I got excited and a little carried away finding incredible products to replace the ones I had used before - without letting them run out first.  By avoiding wasteful items I was creating waste by having a collection of products the 'old' me hadn't used yet.

If you really don't want to use them, pass them on to a friend or donate - but make sure they get used.

3.  Try not to be disheartened.  I tried several shampoo bars until I found one I liked.  Those that I didn't get on with were passed onto a friend or used as normal soap.

4.  Re-use what you have.   This is fun, and you can get creative.  My soap dish is an old ceramic serving dish that was kicking around the house and is the perfect size for a soap bar and easy to keep clean.  New things are great, but re-purposing something you already own is equally as satisfying.

5.  Gifting.  I went through the phase of lecturing people about plastic and using natural products etc, it wasn't helpful and I would suggest avoiding this tact.  However, gift giving at Christmas, for birthdays or just because can be a great way to introduce family and friends to new products that a kinder to the planet - once they have tried them they may well get hooked!  I have had a much better conversion rate with this approach.

Top Product Swaps

1.  Soap. Soap. Soap.  There are some beautiful soaps available, hand-wash, body-wash, shampoo.  Soap bars are my bathroom hero.  You will find some great products from Zero Waste Path, Brighton FRoG and others in the Bath and Body section.

2.  Shampoo & Conditioner.  Like shower gel and hand wash, this is a solid swap for ridding your bathroom of plastic bottles.  If you don't get on with shampoo bars, there are lots of alternatives in glass and aluminium packaging so you can have liquid goodness without the plastic.

3.  Scrubs and lotions.  Who doesn't love an at home spa day?  Natural, beautifully scented scrubs, exfoliators & body lotions are a great swap.  Check out the range we stock from brands such as The Salt Parlour, Moo & Yoo, Bumi Naturals, Zero Waste Path and Amorphous Soap

4.  Skincare.  This one was my top find!  I have had acne prone skin for as long as I can remember.  Switching to natural products from brands such as White Rabbit Skincare and The Salt Parlour have changed my skin more than I thought was possible - and they are eco friendly too!

5.  Re-usables.  Say goodbye to single use cotton wool pads, or plastic shower/bath poufs with re-usable, natural alternatives.  Tabitha Eve have beautiful cotton pads, scrubs, poufs that will be kinder to you, the planet & your wallet as you re-use more, you spend less.





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