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Natural Shampoo - Making the Change - Astris and Green

Natural Shampoo - Making the Change

I feel I need to caveat this before I go on.  I did not do well at this to begin with.  I tried and failed more times than I care to mention, but eventually I stuck with it and I will never go back.

I wanted to avoid ingredients that contained chemicals such as parabens and sulphates, as much as I wanted to avoid plastic bottles.  There were lots of reasons why, better health, better hair and an underlying cynicism that shampoo made my hair dry so that conditioner became an essential I would pay ridiculous amounts of money for.

I started with a shampoo bar, had done no research, continued with my commercial conditioner (it was an investment, or so I thought) and it was a disaster.  I thought I hadn't used enough as my hair was matted (I assumed dirt), dry and just felt wrong.

So I tried again - this time rubbing the bar directly onto my hair (I can laugh about this now) and, of course, the same thing happened, only worse.

Back to the bottle of 'traditional' shampoo I went, until guilt got the better of me and I tried again.  A different bar this time (I gave the other away to a friend with finer hair than me thinking she'd have more luck) and the cycle continued.

I then read up on this, found it was a common issue and was due to the transition phase.  My hair was detoxing, it had been subjected to years of harsh chemicals and needed to recover - made complete sense!

I tried a number of things, so many I cannot say which was the silver bullet, but my hair got better, softer, and less frizzy as time went on.

- Apple Cider Rinse became a shower staple.  

- I stopped rubbing the shampoo bar into my hair!  Lather in your hands, then work your hands through your hair.

- I ditched the 'traditional conditioner' and paired with a natural conditioner (why undo all the hard work).

- I learned lather doesn't equal clean.

- I used jojoba oil on the ends of my hair after washing and conditioning when it felt a little brittle.

- I rotated my products (and still do).   Once I got through 3 weeks of my hair not feeling it's best, I tried other products.  If I were travelling, I would take a solid bar or Beauty Kubes with me.  I have a liquid conditioner I use at home once a week.  Once I got through the initial transition a whole new world of incredible, natural hair products were available for me to embrace.

I mentioned it took me 3 weeks to get my hair to a place I was happy with it - this will be different for everyone, and shouldn't put you off. 

The effort it absolutely worth it.  I now have stronger hair, I am losing less of it (this may be a coincidence, but I am calling it a win), I not longer have to wash it daily and it is so much easier to manage.

So for anyone who isn't sure about taking the plunge - I say do it! Once I got there, I haven't looked back, and if a bar isn't for you, there are so many liquid alternatives that are natural and friendlier than traditional (usually in plastic bottles) shampoos and conditioners.

Happy washing!

If you have any tips or tricks, I would love you to share them




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