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Imperfectly Eco Conscious - AlterEko

Imperfectly Eco Conscious

I felt it was important for me to write this blog to explain more about my continuing journey to a more planet friendly lifestyle, and to give more insight to this site.

I made a decision about 4/5 years ago that I should reduce my own impact on the planet.  There were lots of reasons for this, influence of friends, more awareness of the world around me, growing coverage in the media - lots of small things that made me think.  This is why my pursuit began, and I do not believe it will ever end.  I try to make decisions that support this quest, but I am not perfect.  I am not an expert.  I do not want to represent myself as either of these things.

What I am, is passionate about finding incredible brands, and amazing products that can help us all live in a more people and planet friendly way.

I found, and still do, making the right choice every single time overwhelming, as there are so many things to consider.   I will give you a glimpse into my mind (good luck!)

Example of my mind's categories/check list:

Single use plastic.  Often isn't, or cannot, be recycled.  Avoid.  Avoiding is sometimes difficult, cause plastic is pesky and can be hidden.  However, always look for an alternative.

Synthetic ingredients/materials.  Try to avoid these, can be bad for you, can be plastic with another name.  Difficult to spot if you don't know what you are looking for.

Organic.  Good, great.  Love it, save the bees

Handmade.  Good, creates a feeling of warmth that every item carries a bit of the love made by the person who made it carefully by hand.

All seems pretty simple doesn't it, but nothing is this black and white.  It is grey, very grey, can be confusing and a never ending labyrinth of misdirection and misunderstanding.

Take, for example, a simple trip to buy some fruit and veg.  I go to the local green grocer and I am faced with choices.

Do I buy the loose produce that was grown 20 miles away? Plastic free - tick.  Local - tick


Do I buy the Organic produce - I don't know where it was grown, and it is wrapped in plastic. Yay, save the bees, but I don't want the plastic

Do I buy the cruelty free, vegan, packaged in glass face wash?  Or the cruelty free, organic, packaged in plastic face wash?

These may sound trivial but these are decisions that I am trying to make all of the time.   Add to this the ethics of the company, the parent company, the tax avoidance, the treatment of staff, the air miles, the sustainability of the ingredient sourcing, their associations, the banking, sponsorship, energy supply..... so many things I may never know.

What do I do?  I head to the internet (Ecosia is a great search engine) and I search, and I search and every search has a carbon footprint.....

 I want to highlight that it is ok not to be 100%, 100% of the time.  Making a small change for the better is better than making no change at all.

I also hope it gives you some insight to AlterEko and why I have started this site.  I currently have no plans to ship outside of the UK, I don't want to send something to another country, that can be bought there, from another independent business.  But I may stock items that have been made outside of the UK, as I will have weighed up a number of things that helped me reach that decision.

Lastly, I hope never to give up, I don't ever want to think I have hit perfection.  If that happens, I will stop trying to do better.


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